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The area school had consolidated in 1923 when her father went there. As a child in the Depression she would ride into town in a big old taxi with her siblings. Her grandfather bought the school house for $25 and she stumbled upon the books used in this school. Esther Meech was a bright student in the area. Jackie's dad was very bright but failed the exams in his 8th grade. Went to France at the end of his junior year in college, doing Peace Corp-type work. Met and married Jackie's mother, who was from Chicago, in France. Returned to Beloit College where he graduated top of his class in chemistry. Thinks it is unfortunate that Sangamon State, now UIS, has lost some of it's small school feel. Thinks the older students are being neglected. Quotes her coworker Jude Leverson saying give me smart students over a smart room. Bemoans the state of the classroom, with students "plugged in." Her grandchildren are all plugged into their videos. She has one grandchildren named Cresida who lived in Nevada with her mother. She went to University of Nevada and went to France her junior year. Returned to France the next year and married a Frenchman. Her grandsons are "alright," she doesn't know them as well. She has family in WI, CA, and all over Springfield, IL.