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Mr. Nelson discusses the Farm Bureau's work with state government & recent successes & challenges. They have three registered fulltime lobbyists. They meet with different leaders in IL government. They have to network with the people in the general assembly. Some of their allies include Vince DiMuzio, Frank Watson, John Sullivan, and Mike Frerichs from Champaign. They have always found ways to work with politicians on both sides of the aisle. Phillip got his start under Gov. Thompson. Gov. Edgar was helpful, as was some of the programs Gov. Ryan implemented. Even Gov. Blagojevich was reasonable when they had to work with him. Chicago provides many opportunities because it is one of the largest food providers in the world. When Phillip became president, he sat down with Mayor Daley and worked out some projects, one being developing ag schools in Chicago. Mad cow disease made consumer confidence drop and beef prices dropped. The state budget has had an impact on the farmers, the sales tax and GRT in particular.