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Notes that black miners had to have their own doctor because white doctors would not treat them. DeSoto would not allow this black doctor to come to town except to go to drug store. Blacks had to walk down middle of street & were not allowed on sidewalk. This doctor could walk on sidewalk. No blacks allowed off train at train station.
Story of selling her Model T to a salesman from St. Louis during WWI. Mrs. Williams husband Frank tried to join army, but mine owner told draft office that he was needed in mine. Discussion of mine strike & blacks being brought in to work & problems created. White people made trouble, not blacks in mines. Story of making blacks crawl to cemetery where they were shot. Mentions Dr. Springs collection of Native American artifacts. Story of a white & a black girl's basketball team getting into a fight. Still no blacks live in DeSoto. Mention of what used to be "black towns." Another story of whites killing blacks during strike. Mention of KKK activities in southern IL, including moonshine.