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Mrs. Williams discusses where she taught school, her good students, her school board's promise, travel to & from school, & riding on a railroad handcar. Tells of the one-room schoolhouse. Water in a bucket with a dipper for drinking. Cold in the winter. Mrs. Williams paid a student tended to stove. Mentions her salary & no benefits. Herrin was a big brick school. Tells of riding streetcar to Herrin School. Tells of purchasing piano with her teacher's salary. Class size. Student's fathers were mainly miners & Italian. Tells of these Italian-American student's sandwiches. Gorham students mainly from farm families with a few railroad families. Started teaching in Carterville in 1918. Taught history for 15 years. Discusses Illinois Course of Studies she followed for teaching history. Story of students making salt & flower maps that were shown at the county fair & they won the prize.