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Local County Farm Bureau nominated him for Master Farmer in 2001. Annually the Prairie Farm Magazine honors four individuals for their organizational and community work. Got involved with the Farm Bureau when he was a State FFA Officer who helped open the convention in 1976. Was so impressed by the President Harold Steele, went home and became a member of the Young Farmer Committee in LaSalle County. Both his father and grandfather were leaders in the local county farm bureau. Both served on the board of directors. Involved in many different organizations, unique because he's involved with both the Illinois Soybean Association and the Illinois Pork Producers. Served as President of the Illinois Soybean Association and was vice President of the American Soybean Association. Ran for President of the Illinois Farm Bureau. Elected by state election at conventions every two years. Talks about the three issues he addressed when he first ran. Talks about the many diverse organizations in Illinois. People are members of many different groups to make sure they're represented. Many differences between groups, for instance, belief in trade access and regulations. American Farm Bureau might tilt to the middle or Republican beliefs while others might be more Democratic. American Farm Bureau wants more government involvement with the farm.