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Names, Dates, & Places
Religion was very important. Was baptized and confirmed at Brush Creek Lutheran Church as well as married there. Considered becoming a pastor but didn't want to do the 8 years of school. Adopted his children through Lutheran social services. In his community Norwegians were Lutheran and Germans were Catholic. Services were in English except Christmas and Easter when it was preached in Norwegian. Growing up he could understand Norwegian and even said prayers, but couldn't really speak it and can't read it at all. He talks about the holidays, food and programs at Church. Played cards with the Pastor; didn't believe in dancing or gambling.
Summer after 8th grade began to experience pain in his hip. Went to chiropractors. This didn't help so went to LaCrosse, St. Francis Hospital for x-rays. He was diagnosed with legs perthes disease and was told he wouldn't walk for two years. Talks about the disease and treatment. He was concerned about falling behind in school. The vocational agriculture teacher, Robert Garing, visited him and agreed to bring him assignments so he study at home and wouldn't fall behind. While he was sick he listened to the radio and thought about becoming a radio broadcaster. Couldn't farm because of his disease.