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Capitalism versus Socialism. Talks about living in China and his trip there in the 1970s, everyone was "equal". Talks about the population controls that were beginning to be in place and the fact that young girls were being killed. Talks about transportation--they rode mostly bicycles, though there were roads for cars. He talks about going to Church on Easter Sunday. There were Germans, Africans, Norwegians there. Saw General Mao.
China had 240 million pigs that were running loose and fertilizing fields, not bred for food. They took a pure bred boar, Big Jim, to China in hopes of getting a breeding program over there so they would then need to import feeding grains. Chinese pigs bred 25-28 pigs a litter, while American pigs average 9 piglets. Big Jim died in 6 months because he wasn't immune to their diseases. Talks about meeting with the Professors of China's Universities from an Agriculture University and the amazing experience. The Professors were brought to them because they couldn't go to the University. Orion was staying in an old Japanese rest camp. It was magnificent. Soybeans came from China, brought to America by Henry Ford. Professors gave Orion soybeans from their experimental farm. .