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Brazil is the best at converting fuel needs to ethanol. They use sugar cane. Farm Bill 2008 is increasing the amount of money for research for fuel alternatives. This takes a lot of equipment and development. Can't happen overnight. Talks about a cellulose plant in South Dakota. Compares today's opponents to those against fertilizers and pesticides in the 1970s. 1970s opponents have helped the development of GMOs--genetically modified organisms. Eliminated use of pesticides. Talks about Colorado Potato Beatles. Can't use emotions, science has to be the benchmark. European Union doesn't want GMOs. Ethanol is subsidized by 51 cent tax credit and Brazil's ethanol has 54 cent tariff. Orion believes ethanol should stand on its own and tax credits and tariffs should be phased out. But oil subsidies need to stop too because they're competition for the ethanol industry. Talks about closed markets such as Cuba. Cuba is importing rice from Vietnam instead of Texas.