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Pembroke Township, IL; AZ; Ray Sekula; OK; TX; Boulder, CO
Mike talks about the basic process of Bucking Horses. You put the horse in the chute and put the bareback rigging on the horses and then their off. It's pretty similar to horses. The horses are handled everyday so they're content and come up to people.
Mike talks about the work they do and problems they have with the horses. Sometimes they have to have a vet come in. Mike talks about taking care of their feet and hoofs. They don't have hoof rot or thrush. There's a lot of sand in the area which is great for horses but Mike wishes there was less. They can grow grass and try to grow a small amount, but the sand is the best thing. All of the horses are branded with number id's.
All the animals have a number brand and the ranch name. When at the rodeo the riders draw numbers to find their horses and bulls. You can't say you have the wrong horse or bull because there's only one animal with that number. All of the animals are registered with the State of Illinois. If the stock is going to another location, Mike goes with them. They provide all of the arena, fencing and bleachers. They have everything needed for a successful rodeo. Mike was in a commercial doing bareback riding for Colt .45. It was aired during the Superbowl of 1985.