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There is another fireplace in the kitchen. There is a bar in the fireplace that you can hang a pot on. Stephen's mother once cooked soup on the fire. There originally wasn't any running water to the kitchen. In 1855 they built a pantry. There is a door that leads to the porch that was added in 1919 and to the smokehouse. In the Federal Style house there's a central hall way with two rooms on each side. When the house was built in 1823 it faced east and was the front of the house. In 1855, they built the road on the other side of the house, changing the front of the house. There's a sugar chest from England in 1821. It's one of the two original pieces of furniture. The whole house is brick, the interior walls are three bricks wide. The heating system is water heat because it is difficult to get anything into the walls. Mr. Black has a copy of the original contract to make and lay the bricks. The brick layer was paid $6.50 per 1000 bricks. They also have the original deed to the property, supposably signed by the president, either James Monroe or James Madison. The staircase had to be moved when they changed the front doorway.