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Typical in the federal style house is the parlor. There is a fireplace in one half of the parlor that they had to seal off when they installed the furnace in the 1910s. While Stephen was growing up the parlor didn't have doors but he found the doors in the shed and reinstalled them. On the otherside of the parlor there is another fireplace. The fireplace doors were installed in the 1970s. In 1919 the furnace was installed. The furnace is a hot water furnace, very clean but expensive to heat the house. It is difficult to run plumbing or wiring in the house because the interior walls are made of brick. There are four bedrooms upstairs and in two of the upstairs bedroom there is a fireplace. There is also a closet that was added. The floor is original wood planks. There is a brick in the fireplace with the year 1823 stamped in it. There is a portrait of Margaret Black in one of the bedrooms. She came from England in 1822. She paid $1.25 an acre for the land and several thousand dollars for the construction of the house. Stephen doesn't know where she got the money.