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Long story about agent who was a "Frenchman" who could out-cuss a sailor who brought in a friend & friend's sister (fellow worked in flour mill in Decatur) to look for property to buy. At end of day pimp from bawdry house brought this fellow to train station drunk. Fellow sang for 2hrs. Lost his false teeth where he vomited outside depot. Bert hated liquor. Fellow's sister never did buy any land. "I hated drunks." Another story about a drunk who wanted his penny back from a slot-machine.
Story about freight shipment of household goods. All items had to be itemized. Shipment was prepaid. Receiving agent was responsible for rate. Bert was receiving agent for this shipment & had to correct $4 mistake on bill. This made the fellow mad. Bert had fellow's daughter (grown woman) "figure" bill. Sounds like the fellow did not know how to add. This fellow avoided transfer fee by picking up goods in Honey Bend rather than having it shipped through to Litchfield.