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Story of PTA trying to get Bert to give temperance talk. Bert recalls the talk he gave on his experiences. Part of story involves influence Bert had on an adopted child with a dirty mouth. "You quit swearing!" Boy became a runner for a bank in St. Louis. I'm neither a father or a preacher, so it is not proper for me to give advice." Talk given at grade school. They never bothered him again.
Bible allowed in school in those days. Bert had standing agreement to bring missionaries & priests to school for talks to children. Recalls American-Indian telling story of man who looked dead when he had an epileptic fit. Man was buried several times & his dogs dug him out. Bert gave invocations & introduced speakers to schools. Mentions fellow that came by & showed kids how to make arrowheads. Waggoner High School built with help of bonds. Bert was on election board when bonds voted on. Recalls seeing basketball games at high school. Had to stand up because there were no seats. None of the churches had resident pastor so Bert gave invocations & benedictions at school events.