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Met wife in 1939 and married December 6, 1941. Marrying made profits more important.
Day after wedding was attack on Pearl Harbor, remembers hearing about it on the news along with the rest of the war news, and remembers that it involved America in the War. "Boys were called up to service." War bonds were sold and farm production was increased. Gas rationing began and driving for pleasure ended. Each county used a rationing board to administer gas stamps. Farmers got as much gas as needed. Factory workers got gas according to commute distance. Tires and meat were rationed. One brother enlisted in Air Force and was a pilot in the war, flew 29 missions over Germany and received a few awards, spent almost a year in England and then came back to the US as a flight instructor. After the war tried to become a pilot, but there were too many who wanted to get jobs as pilots, so he went back to farming. Went into hog farming and produces about 8,000-10,000 hogs per year. Mr. Brauer was not in the war himself due to being a farmer and not passing all the physicals. Government allowed some farmers out of the service to keep up food production. Other brother had a bad ear and was not in war, so he finished school, worked for the Agriculture Stabilization and Conservation office and then became a farmer. Has a farm in Geneseo, IL and has produced 8,000-10,000 hogs per years. Both brothers graduated from University of Illinois.