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Mentions plays, entertainment, & music events at high school. This was before high school bands. Track did not develop until later at Raymond. Describes Wild Row Park (built by Bufords with money made on saloon in MN) where they had a little museum with stuffed animals & a tight wire across the lake. Kids loved the place. Mentions annual picnic/campout held at Park.
Discusses Mr. Terrel Buford buying livestock & buying a sow from Bert. Sow was a different weight than what Bert told Mr. Buford, an honest mistake. This established their relationship. Terrel was his friend from then on. Story of Mr. Buford buying Mr. Burnet cribbed his corn & his workers picking up corn but throwing back rotten ears of corn. Mr. Buford cleaned up their mess. It seems Mr. Buford's workers were stealing his corn. Defines Timber-Rats & Prairie Suckers. Timber-Rats would drink Mr. Buford out of his hard cider & take his corn.