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Discussion of revivals in church & enjoyment of interacting with other people. Mentions Dunkard Church that had meeting Bert attended. Meal at meeting was cooked on the ground. Meal consisted of boiled beef noodles & potatoes, but non-Dunkard members did not eat. Mentions people he knew that were members of Dunkard Church.
Tells of a Herbert Campbell who was a drunk & didn't work much, a pretty wild one. Recalls nickname of Horace Waggoner's step-father, "Skinny", who was mayor of Waggoner. Recalls interviewer's father Horace, who did not look down on kids, but would talk to them. Mentions working for John Waggoner & the Richardsons before moving to area. Mentions Horace Greeley started Waggoner Bank with a fellow named Knotts. Discussion of Bank at Waggoner & competition with Raymond Bank in 1930's when Bert moved to area. Discussion of why Mr. Felix Richardson told Bert he got out of Banking, "They were making too much money to be honest!" Not true according to Bert. Livestock business was good in area & they borrowed & paid back loans making bank money. Banking was just good business at that time.