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4-H was organized across the county and the contests were arranged in the same way. Jeanette and Nancy Grosball entered as a team; won the national prize, a trip to Europe (1930). The state leader, Mary Mckee organized it. They appeared on WLS radio and met the sponsors and other people in New York and Washington. Two girls and two leaders traveled by the steamer Leviathan from New York tourist class. Mentions a private home in Holland, Liberty's of London, diamond-cutting school in Amsterdam, and lots of museums and castles. She had no expectations, just soaked everything up. Best memory was Oberammergau's Passion Play, which put the bible stories in context for her. Explains that the contest demonstration was on how to match clothes and accessories for different occasions. It used dresses made by 4-H members. Describes how both girls went blank during performances and prompted each other.