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Early leaders did not see the F. B. as a political action group, but farmers had other ideas. Saw need for state organization, business services like shipping, purchasing, and marketing. Formed livestock shipping organization. Quality of county leaders varied. Sam Thompson's arrival as President of IAA was turning point. Other state leaders were Harvey Sconce, (business type and farmer), Thompson (banker and farmer), Frank I. Mann of Gilman, was early leader in applying better practice; spoke at farmer's institutes; he never considered the need for the F. B. except as extension. Other men thought that alone was not enough. Resolved as moved in to political actions. Shuman entered in early 1930s. Discussion of characteristics of early leaders. Sconce was articulate, unlike most farmers. Leaders not professionals like labor leaders were. They were idealistic, not organizers & believed in wisdom of farmers & that farmers were a fraternity. Early leaders served short terms until Thompson and Earl Smith. Thomson spurred trend toward business services and political action. Earl Smith served a long time (see next segment). Shuman followed him into office.