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4-H organization in Sullivan started about 1927. Had only a Jersey calf club when he was young. In 1929 they asked him to lead the 4-H, led by county agents before. Led the beef-calf club of 4-H. This led to the community club called the Brushy Bend Gang that he led for 18 years. Mentions many important people in farm organizations. Earl Smith was from Pike County, born in Tennessee. College graduate, farmer; speaking ability; analytical mind; dedication. Replaced Sam Thompson after his short term as president of IAA. Smith was tough-minded; tells story about meeting and proposal Shuman disagreed with; he and Otto Steffey other opposed him; adjournment called suddenly; after lunch Smith made a different proposal. Membership fluctuated before Smith; officers short term; few business services; political services grew with Smith; before FB was a do-good organization to help with better methods. With Smith for 20 years, approached farming as a business.