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Illinois Association of Agriculture was located in Chicago because it was most accessible by transportation. Later the location became too small and they bought a building on Ohio Street. Some wanted to move downstate & this came later and they moved to Bloomington. He was opposed because of the dislocation of staff. Shuman made address in 1972 at the Delaware County Farm Bureau in Muncie, IN. Said politicians did not have the answer to farming's economic problems. They have tried everything. Current parity of 75% was equal to that during the Depression. Blames government-controlled programs for all ills of farming today. McGovern's 100% parity with full compulsory controls and Nixon's subsidy payments to offset the market-depressing dumping of Commodity Credit Corporation's grain stocks are both dead-end policies. Urges farmers to support politicians who want to check inflation and expand exports. Wants to curb monopolistic power of large unions that press for full employment with policies that cause inflation and lose jobs -- closed shops, minimum wage, and high settlement contracts.