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Talks about approval through the state departments, such as ethanol plants and hog "confineries". Illinois laws are designed to keep it uniform across the state. Iowa is the same way. There are some troubles with counties saying they control what goes on in their county. This drives business out of the state. Orion thinks Illinois is a model for other states for runoff, waste, and other things. Talks about the courts and judicial system and how it has changed. Talks about the need for international marketing and environmental lawyers to defend the producers and farmers because farmers are going to keep getting sued. One of the best environmental lawyers is Gary Mays won a dust pollution case in Washington and is now working on swine cases in IL. Orion is fed up with people running to Washington to pass legislation to protect us from ourselves. If we can't take care of ourselves then don't expect legislators to. Doesn't believe in junk food. Is involved in nutrition education in schools. Obesity comes down to parents and individuals making decisions, not corn producers. Corn is being blamed for obesity.
Talks about infrastructure such as waterways, railroads, roads and bridges. Bridges and roads badly need repair to transport grain and cattle. Need to establish infrastructure that's not there yet, such as broadband internet for rural schools. Some places are using unit trains, where train depots have been built right by grain elevators.