List of Interviewees

sort icon Age Interview County
Nate Janssen 30s Male 2000s Lake Manages large dairy operation at Golden Oaks Farm
Neil Dahlstrom 30s Male 2000s Rock Island Author of The John Deere Story (2005)
Oba Herschberger 50s Male 2000s Moultrie Amish farmer, Holstein dairy and Belgian horse breeding
Ola Ridley 80s Female 1980s Christian Discusses farm life and schooling in early 1900s
Orion Samuelson 70s Male 2000s Cook Host of National Farm Report, WGN Radio, Chicago
Orrin Pauling 70s Male 1980s DeKalb Farmer discusses impacts of Great Depression and World War II
Pam Gray 50s Female 2000s Sangamon Director of Illinois State Fair Museum
Parris Brewer 40s Male 2000s Cook Marketing Coordinator for Growing Home, Chicago
Patricia Johnson 60s Female 2000s Carroll Manages tree farm and high-grade lumber business
Paul Gebhart 50s Male 2000s Christian Organic chickens, turkeys, and cattle
Paul Shuman 70s Male 2000s Moultrie Former IFB Board member; Son of Charles Shuman
Philip Bradshaw 60s Male 2000s Pike Grain and livestock farmer active in pork organization
Philip Nelson 50s Male 2000s McLean President of the Illinois Farm Bureau
Ray (Bud) Nuckols 70s Male 1980s Sangamon Recalls early farm life, tractors, and rural electrification
Ray Ackerman 80s Male 2000s Tazewell Memories of Ackerman Farms as a young man
Rick Collins 30s Male 2000s Mercer Restores historic barns using sustainable practices
Robert A. Taylor 90s Male 1970s Cass Farmer born on family farm in 1882
Robert Wieneke 40s Male 2000s Calhoun Produces peaches, wine and small grains
Roger Brown 60s Male 2000s Livingston Farmer and past President of Illinois Pork Producers
Rolland Stone 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Stone Seed Company evolved from seed-corn trials in 1920s
Roy Harrington 80s Male 2000s Rock Island Retired mechanical engineer for John Deere & Company
Russ Jeckel 80s Male 2000s Tazewell Pork producer who pioneered hog confinement
Ruth Brasell 80s Female 1970s Cass Farm wife and teacher in one-room schoolhouse
Ruth Hambleton 50s Female 2000s Jefferson U. of Illinois Extension educator; founded Annie's Project
Ruth Pauling 60s Female 1980s DeKalb Farmer wife discusses education and farm organization
Sam Meteer < 20 Male 2000s Menard State Vice President of FFA in Illinois, 2007-2008
Scott Jeckel 40s Male 2000s Tazewell Pork Manager for Jeckel hog confinement operation of 18,000 hogs on 1,500 acres
Stephen Black 60s Male 2000s Greene Operates a 5th-generation Sesquicentennial Farm
Stephen Scates 70s Male 2000s Gallatin Senior partner in large family farm near Ohio River
Timothy Reed 30s Male 2000s Jersey Agriculture teacher at Southwestern High School
Walter Culver 80s Male 1970s Menard Farmer discusses mechanization and other changes in the 1900s
Warren Scholl 70s Male 1980s DeKalb Began farming in the 1930s and also took jobs off the farm
Wayne "Ren" Sirles 60s Male 2000s Union Operates Rnedleman Orchards (peach, apple, nectarines)
Wayne D. Sirles 40s Male 2000s Union Manages packing shed at Rendleman Orchards
Weldon Gerdes 50s Male 1980s Menard Discusses 50 years of farming near the Sangamon River
William Hubbard 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Discusses African-American farm life in early 1900s
William Wertheim 80s Male 1970s Sangamon Small-town butcher and cattle dealer in Athens, Illinois
Winfred Mills 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Farmer discusses rural life and career with Pioneer Seed Company
Yvette Ackerman 40s Female 2000s Tazewell Operates Ackerman Farms Store and a shop in town