List of Interviewees

Age Interview County
Janet Roney 60s Female 2000s Moultrie Daughter of Charles Shuman (Pres. Amer. Farm Bureau)
Charles Ross 60s Male 2000s Morgan Farmer who raises and shows Montadale sheep
Dr. Edward Runge 70s Male 2000s Fayette Senior Advisor for the Norman Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture, Texas A&M University
Edward Russell 60s Male 2000s Johnson Operates new vineyard and winery: Bella Terra Winery
Jessie Ruth Saiter 80s Female 1980s Clark Farm wife recalls women's roles on farm in early 1900s
Orion Samuelson 70s Male 2000s Cook Host of National Farm Report, WGN Radio, Chicago
Jack Sarff 60s Male 1970s Mason Farmer recalls hard times during the Depression and World War II
Jeanette Sayre 60s Female 1970s Menard Farm wife recalls homemade foods and family life
Stephen Scates 70s Male 2000s Gallatin Senior partner in large family farm near Ohio River
Warren Scholl 70s Male 1980s DeKalb Began farming in the 1930s and also took jobs off the farm
Michael Scully 80s Male 2000s Sangamon Applied principles of biodynamics and organic farming
David Seibert 60s Male 2000s Sangamon Extension livestock specialist
Charles Shuman 60s Male 1970s Moultrie President of American Farm Bureau Federation (1954-1971)
Paul Shuman 70s Male 2000s Moultrie Former IFB Board member; Son of Charles Shuman
Lou Ann Siburt 60s Female 1990s Macon Recalls life on farm during Great Depression and world War II
Betty Sirles 60s Female 2000s Union Manages fruit harvest crews at Rendlemans Orchards
Wayne "Ren" Sirles 60s Male 2000s Union Operates Rnedleman Orchards (peach, apple, nectarines)
Wayne D. Sirles 40s Male 2000s Union Manages packing shed at Rendleman Orchards
Larry Smith 40s Male 1980s Sangamon Farmer discusses German heritage and impact of World War II
Emma Snodgrass 90s Female 1980s Sangamon Farm wife recalls her rural childhood and women's roles
Judy Stark 40s Female 1980s DeKalb Farm wife discusses farming tradition in the Stark family
Mary Stark 70s Female 1980s Kane Farm wife discusses butchering, holidays, and selling eggs
Harold Steele 80s Male 2000s Bureau Former president of Illinois Farm Bureau
Rolland Stone 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Stone Seed Company evolved from seed-corn trials in 1920s
Cavan Sullivan 20s Male 2000s Menard Raises pheasant, quail, deer, and bison on small farm
Leland Sweatman 70s Male 2000s Cass Retired farmer and Allis Chalmers implement dealer
Geneva Sweet 90s Female 2000s Morgan Farm wife whose father-in-law photographed farm in 1890s
Robert A. Taylor 90s Male 1970s Cass Farmer born on family farm in 1882
Ida Thurman 40s Female 2000s Kankakee African-American farmer in economically challenged area
John Thurman 40s Male 2000s Kankakee African-American farmer in economically challenged area
Edward Van Drunen 70s Male 2000s Kankakee President of Van Drunen Farms (herbs, food processing)
Ellis Vanderpool 70s Male 2000s Cass Beekeeper who sells honey at Springfield farmer's market
Karl Weingartner 60s Male 2000s Champaign NSRC Soybean processing
Kaitlin Weitekamp < 20 Female 2000s Montgomery State President of FFA in Illinois, 2007-2008
William Wertheim 80s Male 1970s Sangamon Small-town butcher and cattle dealer in Athens, Illinois
Robert Wieneke 40s Male 2000s Calhoun Produces peaches, wine and small grains
Anna M. Williams 80s Female 1970s Menard Recalls life on family farms in the early 1900s
Gale Williams 50s Male 1980s Jackson Republican politician recalls farm life in southern Illinois
Marie South Williams 90s Female 1980s Sangamon Recalls family and farm life in southern Illinois, early 1900s