List of Interviewees

Age Interview County
Brian Holst 40s Male 2000s Rock Island Manager of the John Deere Collectors Center
Margaret Honey 90s Female 1970s Sangamon Farm wife recalls Great Depression and two world wars
George Howe 80s Male 1950s Piatt Farmer and banker born in 1870 recalls farming in late 1800s
William Hubbard 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Discusses African-American farm life in early 1900s
Matthew Hughes 40s Male 2000s Jefferson Corn and soybean farmer in a productive county
Jacqueline Jackson 70s Female 2000s Rock County, WI Author of Stories from the Round Barn (1977)
Nate Janssen 30s Male 2000s Lake Manages large dairy operation at Golden Oaks Farm
Russ Jeckel 80s Male 2000s Tazewell Pork producer who pioneered hog confinement
Scott Jeckel 40s Male 2000s Tazewell Pork Manager for Jeckel hog confinement operation of 18,000 hogs on 1,500 acres
Jay Johnson 40s Male 2000s Morgan Organized large-scale train shipments of corn to Texas
Lloyd Johnson 60s Male 2000s Madison Retired African-American farmer and gospel singer
Mark Johnson 40s Male 2000s DuPage Agricultural Specialist for Kline Creek Farm
Michael Johnson 50s Male 2000s Carroll Tree farmer and professional landscape photographer
Patricia Johnson 60s Female 2000s Carroll Manages tree farm and high-grade lumber business
John Keith 80s Male 1970s Montgomery Farmer discusses farming methods of the early 1900s
Jim Kinsella 60s Male 2000s McLean Farmer widely regarded as father of no-till farming
Lucile Daniels Kirby 80s Female 1970s Menard Recalls women's roles on farm in early 1900s
Bev Kuhn 30s Female 1980s DeKalb Born on farm in Australia, farms with husband near DeKalb
Jack Kuhn 40s Male 1980s DuPage Born on a dairy farm, farms with wife, sons, and brother
Dr. Linda Kull 50s Female 2000s Champaign Coordinator of soybean production resesarch for NSRC
Milton Lambert 60s Male 1980s DeKalb Farmer discusses increased reliance on cash crops in 1900s
Evelyn Lanan 60s Female 1980s DeKalb Farm wife who retired from teaching after her marriage
Howard Lanan 70s Male 1980s DeKalb Operates farm established by his grandfather
Mike Latting 50s Male 2000s Kankakee African-American farmer and rodeo operator
Irma Long 70s Female 1990s Macoupin Recalls growing up on farm in central Illinois
Barb Male 40s Female 1980s DeKalb Farm wife discusses changes in farming
George Marr 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Moved from Kentucky to Illinois to launch farming career
Alice Martin 80s Female 1970s Sangamon Recalls childhood on farm, rural education, and 1908 race riot
Jose Martinez 40s Male 2000s St. Clair Mexican migrant worker at Eckert's Orchards
Carrie Maurer 80s Female 1970s Cass Farm wife recalls home life, Great Depression, World War II
Martin Mauricio 30s Male 2000s St. Clair Manager of migrant workers at Eckert's Orchards
Keith McClow 40s 2000s DuPage Director of Kline Creek Farm, an 1890s living-history farm
Irene McGuire 70s Female 2000s Jackson Operated peach and apple orchard in family since 1820s
Sam Meteer < 20 Male 2000s Menard State Vice President of FFA in Illinois, 2007-2008
Winfred Mills 70s Male 1970s Sangamon Farmer discusses rural life and career with Pioneer Seed Company
John Moore 80s Male 1970s Sangamon Farmer who ran his farm operation from the age of 13
Dr. Marilyn Nash 50s Female 2000s Champaign NSRC Soy products
Philip Nelson 50s Male 2000s McLean President of the Illinois Farm Bureau
Clarence A. Neujahr 60s Male 1980s DeKalb World War II vet who worked at DeKalb Seed Company
Ray (Bud) Nuckols 70s Male 1980s Sangamon Recalls early farm life, tractors, and rural electrification
Doug Parrett 50s Male 2000s Champaign Professor of Animal Sciences at UIUC
Cliffie Smith Patterson 90s Male 1980s Logan Teacher recalls rural life, family, and country schools
Orrin Pauling 70s Male 1980s DeKalb Farmer discusses impacts of Great Depression and World War II
Ruth Pauling 60s Female 1980s DeKalb Farmer wife discusses education and farm organization
James N. Price 60s Male 1970s Lawrence Farmer and oilfield worker recalls family dairy farm
Timothy Reed 30s Male 2000s Jersey Agriculture teacher at Southwestern High School
Dr. Debra Reid 40s Male 2000s Coles Associate Professor of History at Eastern Illinois University
Harry Rhodes 40s Male 2000s Cook Executive Director of Growing Home, Chicago
Ola Ridley 80s Female 1980s Christian Discusses farm life and schooling in early 1900s
Hal Ringland 70s Male 1970s Mason Farmer discusses famr life in the early-mid 1900s