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Mr. Shuman tells of his father's involvement with government programs in 1930-1940. Father would not participate in programs if he had a choice. To survive most farmers had to take part in programs. But notes price supports even when supply was low. Describes father's attitude towards government intervention in agriculture. After Depression crisis in farming father felt government should roll-back programs. Tells of wheat producer referendum (authorized by Congress) in 1960's put forward by Freeman (controls on production acreage vs. free-market). Notes that their family farm was not allowed to grow wheat. Mr. Shuman notes Farm Bureaus wanted NO vote while others wanted YES vote. Referendum failed & impact is still being felt. Do not produce for government warehouses today. Large surpluses purchased at high prices by government, but no longer overly high set prices for commodities. Discusses direct payments to commodity producers (wheat & corn in IL).Soybeans never been a price-supported commodity. Defines "counter-cyclical payments." Dairy programs do not take Federal funds & tobacco funding is decreasing. Tells of intra & inter association dissensions today. Story of father begin elected to an agricultural board by wanting minimal government agricultural programs. Government agricultural programs was always the main issue in his father's elections to various agricultural posts.